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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

Dates are displayed in UTC.

The project uses Semantic Versioning 2.0.


27 January 2021

  • docs(design): website guides d879f1b
  • refactor(design): createTheme functionalities 8e418b0
  • feat(design): theme palette 6c906f3
  • feat(design): theme typography 3f03b64
  • feat(design): theme breakpoints 871633f
  • chore: update website and playground ui 2c3e9cf
  • docs(design): sandboxes 6f57740
  • feat(design): theme space 76270ee
  • feat(design): theme shadow bf6e0ef
  • chore: update packages c90410a
  • chore(website): changelog 58b7533
  • feat(design): theme z-indexes d8f893f
  • feat(design): remove z-indexes 66f327c
  • chore(website): fix seo headers 562e104
  • chore(release): v1.0.0-alpha.17 a756e8d
  • build: postinstall script a45aeb1
  • chore(website): fix seo headers 47b61ae


16 January 2021

  • feat(animation): animator functionalities 6a1d154
  • chore(website): website documentation and fixes e8a478c
  • feat(sounds): bleeps HOC functionalities 8673adb
  • chore(playground): setup 94eea27
  • feat(animation): animator functionalities b96e84c
  • feat(sounds): bleeps provider functionalities 38df006
  • docs(website): animation guides 633481a
  • chore(playground): migrate to TypeScript 3ead988
  • chore(playground): styling and fixes a25ef3b
  • chore: migrate to TypeScript 6bfebc4
  • chore(website): setup 8ed4dcb
  • docs(website): sounds guides eb5d347
  • chore(website): website code components e267484
  • fix(animation): simplify type definitions 2bc46da
  • feat(animation): animator functionalities d7492ea
  • docs(sounds): withBleeps sandboxes 1edfb57
  • docs(website): update project details 2853a0b
  • chore: changelog 26235e4
  • docs: refactor project documentation 639640c
  • docs(animation): sandboxes 8c7e99c
  • chore: add package.json project data d505ffa
  • feat(animation): components prop-types b74e59c
  • chore(website): styles updates da5555c
  • feat(sounds): withBleeps instance settings support 5c47996
  • fix(animator): improve type inference & cleanup componentClass support d318ec7
  • feat(core): create core package c3bcfb5
  • fix(animation): improve typing of extendAnimator HOC b748228
  • chore(playground): seo and analytics 324e993
  • chore: update playground and website applications settings 89ab31d
  • chore: project status 1a39aad
  • docs(sounds): withBleeps categories sandbox e3e6fc0
  • chore: deploy script 7e47594
  • docs: project status d3dcb08
  • chore: github action for running ci ab7048e
  • chore(playground): styles updates 4025c55
  • chore: UMD distribution support f463dd6
  • chore(release): v1.0.0-alpha.16 c9cb578
  • chore(playground): refactor assets 2fc33ce
  • build: setup and compile scripts d467322
  • fix(animation): type AnimatorChildActivations f02e3ad
  • fix(animation): improve typing of withAnimator HOC 5f40f4e
  • chore(playground): footer links 18aad01
  • chore(playground): static files script b6bf491
  • build: packages CommonJS distribution paths 9f6df15
  • chore: update packages d7971c0
  • docs(sounds): update playground sandboxes e5b1fb2
  • chore: add contributor 7061913
  • refactor(animation): use typescript Partial<> helper to dry up definitions c955aee
  • build: ci branches 958d19c
  • build: typescript compilator packages paths 6158f6c
  • fix(animator): get displayName from inputcomponent 00c09e5
  • chore: delete travis config 0663575
  • refactor(sounds): type definitions 4e7a9a3
  • chore: update contributors 4a7ca21
  • chore: update contributors 87d73db
  • chore: github pull request template d50f517
  • fix(animation): hocs exports 15dea41
  • fix(animation): correct accepted input parameter for extendAnimator 0ea1cd3
  • refactor(animation): cleanup withAnimator prop inference 28a2057
  • docs: convert travis badge to github action badge 1835bfa
  • chore: eslint 3c42db6
  • chore: license 89ac3d6
  • fix(playground): support codeblocks with crlf line endings a49098a
  • chore: eslint rules a9dde3f
  • refactor(core): move deprecated arwes components 4ffd62f
  • chore(sounds): deprecate JavaScript files 90dbd83
  • chore(animation): deprecate JavaScript files 6442409


11 December 2020

  • feat(animation): animator components 5f8b16b
  • docs: project, guidelines, and community 0a44c2e
  • chore(playground): playground application ca10818
  • feat(animation): animator non-parallel children node management support 7d43e32
  • test(animation): animator non-parallel edge cases ee2624c
  • chore(playground): update ui 30348d9
  • chore(playground): improve application ui/ux a45b217
  • feat(animation): animator animation hooks 7909b3a
  • chore: contributing 46a310e
  • chore: setup files fb16bc0
  • docs(animation): animation management tools 3d04630
  • docs: project a9f80cc
  • docs: project ee86b87
  • test(animation): animator managers 2d699b4
  • docs(animation): animation common sandboxes 91266ec
  • feat(animation): withEnergy option cycles=false as default value c41c3a7
  • fix: animation Stream subscription 89344e5
  • docs: project 99e0bcd
  • chore(playground): playground setup files c71d346
  • chore(playground): add sandbox controls 2113911
  • feat(animation): extendAnimator HOC 3f994f3
  • feat(animation): animation context provider 7f34d34
  • chore(playground): add mobile support c08786c
  • docs(animation): withAnimator sandboxes 4f04f2b
  • feat(animation): animator subscription support bb1a99d
  • docs: roadmap ed1c2a9
  • docs: animation system de8ec0f
  • feat(animation): animator general settings components d0035ee
  • update: animation components structure 6565483
  • chore: packages b6a1205
  • chore: package updates 0051d72
  • docs: project 88f740e
  • fix: animation FlowManager subscription 1e9a9f8
  • chore: add readme-showcase-generate script 7f9d080
  • docs(animation): animation management 5f41b4e
  • refactor: animation constants 36b22c9
  • chore: packages e8fda59
  • chore: changelog e6d0b7b
  • chore: update packages 0d15fdc
  • chore: roadmap 4bcb551
  • feat(animation): animator dynamic duration update a047576
  • chore: packages structures 12c7ed7
  • chore: dependencies 546675a
  • chore: commit linter bbc8b34
  • fix: lint errors 5ebd416
  • feat: animation makeIsAnimated outsourced support 999a139
  • refactor(animation): make filterAnimatorClassSettings a independent module acf59f3
  • feat(arwes): remove deprecated export modules ac90d0c
  • docs(sounds): sounds management e610e8e
  • fix(animation): add components display names cf47ce3
  • test(animation): makeMoveTimeTo util a372a70
  • update: animation Stream da9ca84
  • chore(release): v1.0.0-alpha.15 bc74af4
  • fix: packages dependencies 998a3a9
  • ci: travis config 1d21c3b
  • chore: contributors 6de060b
  • chore: package dependencies f655ddf
  • chore: playground setup 6cc7b6e
  • docs: roadmap f781710
  • docs: project document links f89400f
  • chore(scripts): project scripts refactor 806e6ed
  • docs: guidelines f49ff86
  • chore: packages react dependency support 45256f3
  • chore(github): pull request template d21e2a5
  • chore(playground): previewer styles d44f159
  • chore: eslint settings 0dd4c66
  • fix(animation): add constant objects freeze bf669d5
  • chore: publishing config 6d14b95
  • feat(arwes): deprecate old modules 8026089


17 December 2019

  • feat: animation Stream component 4085671
  • refactor: animation components a3f2483
  • refactor: animation components extensibility 0a22036
  • feat: animation duration.offset 7c05e44
  • chore: playground 18faf81
  • chore: package updates 465d3e9
  • docs: animation system specs b8b83f2
  • fix: animation constants 0960a32
  • release: v1.0.0-alpha.14 6fc39ca
  • docs: project status 9646fc9


30 October 2019


5 June 2019


5 June 2019


4 May 2019


1 May 2019


29 July 2018


26 February 2018

  • [feat] add content components 8937666
  • [docs] update sandboxes components and website components docs 3ae7cb8
  • [docs] define static components category f8e97ec
  • [chore] release v1.0.0-alpha.5 f318a66
  • [update] simplify Button component props 3534e00
  • [docs] Content component 5e7527d
  • [chore] add package-lock.json 08fc626
  • [chore] update package JSS dependencies fedce9e
  • [docs] readme dab199a


2 February 2018

  • [docs] add site pages titles cb62c12
  • [docs] update ThemeProvider playground 0ecb32d
  • [update] add Frame property to disable border d1ea444
  • [chore] release v1.0.0-alpha.4 f9bc55c
  • [fix] components align styles 835fa33
  • [docs] update site titles c757073
  • [docs] update animation system docs d849c7b
  • [update] package export utils 492a2ae


22 January 2018

  • [chore] refactor site docs 06b31d9
  • [docs] update site playground 1bd2182
  • [docs] fix components docs 98228c9
  • [docs] update site docs 2ca5ead
  • [feat] add Table component 71b7ec4
  • [fix] components props and styles c58e54a
  • [docs] update API docs 6845373
  • [feat] add Appear component f3b5452
  • [docs] update site docs f8c283b
  • [docs] document components props provided by ThemeProvider 0f6316a
  • [chore] update playground f410d30
  • [docs] update site API docs f886c6c
  • [docs] add playgrounds for providers d70235d
  • [docs] update api docs 1778361
  • [chore] add script to generate components api 7aa8129
  • [fix] Frame component props 9b056a0
  • [docs] update site API docs 7d6fba5
  • [docs] site errors page b227549
  • [docs] readme cf86b8e
  • [test] rename testing setup be3cc89
  • [chore] update components playground 4c74edd
  • [docs] contributing c86e120
  • [fix] Code component styles b965879
  • [docs] add Google Tag Manager tracker 9fc31d7
  • [docs] add SEO data 622bec8
  • [fix] components props and styles 67eb1db
  • [chore] website google analytics 9d48693
  • [fix] Image component error handle acb33dc
  • [fix] components props and styles a43b545
  • [docs] components methods 245894b
  • [chore] release v1.0.0-alpha.3 7b33620
  • [feat] add Grid support to remove gutter 12bb23e
  • [docs] Arwes component props 091d167
  • [chore] website txt files 4c5c4f5
  • [docs] site play 1e4c5cf
  • [docs] readme 3cd1967
  • [chore] update project dates e514aa5
  • [docs] fix Project component playground c9d84a0
  • [fix] Arwes puff props c892278
  • [docs] update readme roadmap 4a2be7e
  • [docs] readme fc1aef4
  • [chore] travisci d5980ce
  • [fix] Frame component style bef1301
  • [docs] update SEO image 7837223
  • [chore] add sounds 6e31d90


21 December 2017